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i am working on games! ypu can find them on my page. I am working. sometimes it works well sometimes not. But usually it goes, which is nice. sometimes I have too many things I try to work on. Keep it simple stupid... kiss etc etc.

what is going on with me you might ask? well to be honest I ask myself the same thing sometimes. I am in college but I am an undecided major. I am thinking of going into environmental science but also, what about law? or history? both of these things sound more interesting than that. I should really find somehting to do with my summers like an internship. Also I need to figure out a study abroad program forreal. Also. Yeah. good to find a thing to do and then do it.italic text.

tagging it up! woohoo. I am tagging and writing my thuohtts thoughts out onto here. It's not paper but it's still real!

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interesting things


Art by Joan Stark
            _   _
        _ (   _   ) _
       / \/`-----'\/ \
     __\ ( (     ) ) /__
     )   /\ \._./ /\   (
jgs   )_/ /|\   /|\ \_(
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3476896 My first HTML $53

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials! you could also learn a lot by looking at other websites, ii am realizzing